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Future of Psychedelic Medicine w/ Michael Oliver of MAPS Canada (#1) 🎤

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Rupert Radio, a podcast about psychedelic buddhism and practical insights we can apply to our daily lives.

This episode is a discussion with Michael Oliver, the Volunteer Coordinator for the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) Canada. If you've seen the movie Spirited Away, Michael's like the Boiler Man who keeps the whole operation running with his 8 efficient arms! Michael is also the founder of a the psychedelic brand The Flying Sage who's mission is to Democratize Transcendence. He has a degree in Cognitive Systems from the University of British Columbia where he was a Research Assistant with the Cognitive Neuroscience of Thought Laboratory and ran the UBC Psychedelic Society. As you'll see in our interview, Michael's great at finding ways of combining his passions, creativity and research into a fulfilling career.


Show Notes