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Actions Speak Louder Than Education 📚

As a coach, I often encounter individuals who are great at generating ideas but struggle with putting them into action. While it's important to constantly feed your mind with new information, it's imperative to exercise your mind by putting your ideas into practice.

Think of your ideas as raw materials and your actions as the tool that shapes them into something tangible and valuable. Don't get bogged down by endless research. Avoid tutorial hell. Learn just enough to get started and pay close attention to what you learn during your attempts. If you get stuck, ask for help. Just know no amount of teaching can replace hands-on experience.

Remember, action produces information, and it's through taking action that you will gain the most valuable insights and experiences. So, don't be just an "ideas guy" - put your ideas into motion and see where they take you.

Your Turn:
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What goal or situation have you been spending a ton of time thinking about lately?

Picture the outcome you desire and work backward until you arrive at the smallest possible action that you can take without needing more research. Then execute.

Wade into thought space for only as long as it takes you to identify a concrete action. You'll know if you're onto the right idea if involves physical movement or an act of creation.