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Success Attracts Attacks 🎯

As you strive for success and distinction, it's important to understand that increased visibility can also make you a target for criticism, defamation, and unwanted attention.

Just as the tallest tree in the forest is more likely to be struck by lightning, those who stand out from the crowd are also more likely to attract controversy.

From historical figures like Jesus Christ and Copernicus, to modern-day leaders like Elon Musk, it's a common theme that those who push boundaries and challenge the status quo will face challenges along the way.

But it's important to remember that these challenges and difficulties are the cost of doing business, especially if you're going to be bold and step into uncertain environments where the potential rewards are greater.

As you consider your own mission and goals, it's important to think about the degree to which you're willing to invite these types of attention.

Are you prepared to face lies and jealousy, lawsuits and character assassinations? Only you can decide if the mission is worth it.

If you do decide to forge ahead, it's important to anticipate the difficulties that will come your way. Train accordingly.

Your Turn:
Write down the first thing that comes to mind as your most important mission at the moment. Keep it simple. For example, "Save money and get a better job".

How much are you willing to suffer in pursuit of this? Mild discomfort, being misunderstood by friends, or criticisms from the outside world.  

What circumstances would cause you to quit? Identify your potential breaking point so know if you are ever getting close to it.