Treating Anxiety With Mushrooms: Side Effects Include Improved Quality Of Life w/ Thomas Hartle (#3) 🎤

Thomas Hartle is the first Canadian in 50 years to be prescribed "magic mushrooms" as a treatment. Thomas received these mushrooms to treat anxiety due to a terminal cancer diagnose. His treatment came from a team of therapists, clinicians and researchers at Therapsil.

Psychedelic therapy has been shown by John Hopkins university and others to be a promising treatment with an effect that is vastly superior to any other treatment clinicians know of, while also being an enduring effect.

In this conversation we talk about Thomas' journey from having never tried "drugs" to becoming a spoke person for the medicinal benefit. We also discuss how to deal with grief, what changed for Thomas as a result of his psilocybin sessions, and his evolving views about the meaning of life.

I hope you enjoy


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